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Almost two years after the successful conference of 60 DYLAN scholars at Glasgow Caledonian University in November 2009, the on-going work of the DYLAN project drew to a close in 2011. Within this the Caledonian University team had conducted research into the actual use of Gaelic within multi-lingual organisations with their findings subsequently published by John Benjamins (as Strategies in Gaelic language planning ) as part of the book Exploring the Dynamics of Multilingualism.

Following this Dr. Chalmers also completed an analysis of Media Coverage of Gaelic affairs within the Scottish printed press, for Bòrd na Gàidhlig, an analysis of strategies for Adult Learners of Gaelic in Glasgow, and together with colleagues at the University of the West of Scotland, published research on proposals for a dedicated centre for Gaelic teacher training.

Dr. Chalmers also continued his research into the award winning Gaelic current affairs programme Eòrpa in order to assess its significance and success over the last 15 years, and to ascertain what lessons could be drawn for other minority language broadcasting projects (and non-minority language current affairs programmes). A summary of this work was published in the volume Centres and Peripheries: Metropolitan and Non-Metropolitan Journalism in the Twenty First Century published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Widening his studies to BBC Alba as a whole, Dr. Chalmers contributed a book chapter (with Mike Danson, Alison Lang and Lindsay Milligan) The contribution of BBC Alba to Gaelic: A Social and Economic Review in Social Media and Minority Languages published by Multilingual Matters.

At the same time, together with his colleague Mike Danson he published a book chapter The role of arts and culture in economic regeneration: Gaelic in Glasgow in The Cultural Political Economy of Small Cities published by Routledge

In June 2012, together with colleagues Stephen Connolly, Hervey Gibson and David Pirnie he published an economic impact case study on The Arts and Creative Industries in Eilean Siar. for HIE in Inverness. This was followed up in May 2014 with a major study commissioned by HIE and undertaken as part of a Cumbria based research consortium This was entitled Ar Storas Gàidhlig: The Economic and Social Value of Gaelic as an Asset. This was the first attempt to evaluate the overall value that can be gained by the use of Gaelic by businesses and community groups and the finished report was launched in Holyrood following a meeting of the Parliament's cross party group on Gaelic.

Currently Dr. Chalmers is part of a research team commissioned by Bòrd na Gàidhlig evaluating the current 6th cycle of Gaelic Language Plans.

Much of his recent research can be found on



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